Pet Car Hammock- Easy DIY


Car Hammock to keep Snuffie– the carsick dog from ruining my leather seats!


Repurposed a pet sofa blanket


One side is soft (for when she stops getting sick) and one side is picnic table cloth (which I wouldn’t use again, as she has already ripped it!)

Snuffie, our lovely 5 month old labradoodle gets carsick– almost every time we go anywhere– the dog park, our parent’s houses, the Poconos, anywhere!  So we needed to do something to keep her from ruining my leather interior of my car!  After much searching on Pinterest, I came up with a car hammock (which most people use to keep the fur off their seats, not us though).  Not only will the hammock keep her in the back seat and safe, but it will keep her vomit and/or drool off my leather seats.

I repurposed our pet sofa blanket–keeping the nice soft side, and sewing other “water proof” fabric on the opposite side.  I ended up choosing picnic table cloth fabric – 2 yards ( which I wouldn’t use again, she already ripped it with her nails…I didn’t think that one through all the way.)  This way when she stops getting car sick, we can still use the soft side.

It was really easy to do and fun to use the sewing machine again.

Here are my steps to creating a car hammock for Snuffie!


1) Pet sofa blanket –this was perfect for my car, large enough so I didn’t need anything else as my base

2) 2 yards of picnic table cloth– I would not recommend this to use as Snuffie’s nails tore holes in it right away, but if your put doesn’t freak out in the car, it could work for you- I would use outdoor fabric, but I didn’t know if it was completely waterproof

3) thread color of your choice

4) pins, scissors, lighter

5) webbing/cord- 2 yards

6) 4 side release buckles (I bought at the store, but I would recommend buying offline— cheaper, plus you get more)

7) sewing machine


1) Gather all supplies


Pin picnic cloth fabric to backside of sofa cover

 3) Sew all sides of picnic cloth


It was a bit challenging with all the fabric, but I made it work

4) Take cover to the car and pins…place pins in the spot where you will sew on webbing & buckles to anchor around head rests.  You will need 8 pins!

5) After measuring the spots for your webbing, cut webbing (8 pieces– measurement will depend on how wide your head rests posts are from each other, as well as how close you want the car hammock to be from the head rest.  I wanted mine as close as possible, so I cut my pieces into about 10 inch lengths),

6) burn edges with lighter to prevent fraying

7) sew on buckles-  I sewed two lines- one close to the buckle and at then end of the overlay


You will need 2 of these packages– or 4 side release buckles.


Sew two lines- one close to buckle and one by the end of the overlapped webbing

8) Sew other end of webbing to your hammock where you pinned to align with headrests.  Make sure to clip buckles together first and sew them on so they will click together easily (if you flip the buckle you will have to twist the buckle when you try to use it)

* After the webbing is sewed on—put it in the car, make any adjustments necessary, then head to the dog park, your favorite running trail, etc.


Heading to the dog park!

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