DIY Shower Curtain



Before & After Curtain

Our bathroom got a much needed “makeover” this summer. We have had the same dingy brown shower curtain for at least 4 years and an old brown rug. It has not been a very inviting or relaxing bathroom.  Since I have been on a DIY kick all summer, using my grandmother’s old sewing machine to make all sorts of things, I figured if I can make curtains and pillow cases, I can certainly make a new shower curtain and matching valance.

Finding the right shower curtain can be exhausting and expensive.  I figured I might as well make one with fabric I love and matches our green tiled bathroom.  What I didn’t anticipate was how long it would actually take me to make the shower curtain.  It probably took about 10 hours, most of them trying to match the large pattern on the two pieces of fabric I had to use (took at least an hour), as well as putting in the grommets, which took about and hour and half.

I had the time, so I figured I would just do it, so we could enjoy it for years to come.

Here are my steps and some photos to tell you how I made the shower curtain.


Items needed:

2 pieces of 2 1/2 yards of 54″ wide fabric

(possible more if you have a really large pattern you need to match)

Coordinating Thread

Grommet kit


12 pairs of grommets

Sew machine, pins, measuring tape, rotator cutter




1) Measure  Fabric – shower curtains are typically 70″x70″

2) Cut two pieces of fabric – patterns matching to 74″ x 72″ (3″ seam at top, 1″ other 3 sides)– 1 piece was larger for me than the other

3) Align fabric – this will take the longest to match if you are using a pattern – but it’s well worth the frustration– just make sure to put the dog in her crate or another room or you will go crazy!


Align fabrics

4) After aligning fabrics, now you need to pin the fabric where they meet to be able to sew together and create 1 large piece of fabric–again patience is a virtue here, try and try again and have a seam ripper handy if necessary!

Sew both pieces together

Sew both pieces together

5) Once you have 1 large piece of fabric, measure and pin all sides- 3″ at top and 1″ other 3 sides

6) Sew


Sew 1″ seam on 3 sides and 3″ seam at top

7) Take a break….then start the grommet process– make sure to read the directions on your grommet kit- its pretty easy just takes a bit of muscle and time

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.58.13 AM


Tips for the grommet–

*I used another piece of cloth over the centering cone to not stain my fabric

*Practice on another piece of fabric first if you have never installed a grommet before

8) After grommets are installed you are done! Hang your shower curtain and enjoy!

I made an easy valance for the bathroom and repurposed a bright green rug we had that now matched the bathroom. I still need to find some accessories or wall art to match, but for now its pretty awesome.


Finished product

Coordinating Shower Curtain & Valance

Coordinating Shower Curtain & Valance

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